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Healthy Lifestyles

Harcourt Public School tries to teach our students that a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most important education they can get.

We are a SunSafe school and an Asthma Friendly school with formal certification for these two programs.

We actively encourage healthy eating with "Crunch and Sip" every day. Obviously we discourage our students from eating unhealthy foods and so we do ask families not to send lolly bags or cakes to school - but suggest that fruit platters or "Crunch and Sip" plates would be a wonderful way to share a special occassion with your child's class.

Harcourt does still have "red" days - days where we sell and serve unhealthy foods. We see this as a way of showing that we accept that there are all types of foods available - but making healthy choices most of the time is the favoured option. As such we have, at the moast, only 1 "red" day each term.

How can you help? Send your child to school every day with Crunch and Sip vegetables and fruit and water - and give them a healthy lunch. Make sure your child makes good choices about a health and nutritious breakfast.