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Supporting Student Wellbeing

As parents and teachers we are all concerned about the risks of the corona epidemic for not only our children's health, but also for our children's emotional health. It is important that children can talk to us about their own concerns.


Speaking to children in a calm manner and giving them a sense of control by explaining what they can do to stay safe (eg washing their hands).

Answering children's questions and asking them what they already know, so you can clarify and any misunderstandings.

Limiting media exposure and trying to be with children when they are watching, listening or reading the news.

Creating a schedule for yourself and your children each day, including school work, physical activity and relaxation time.

Using technology for social interaction; regular phone & video chatting with friends & family to manage social isolation.

Reminding children that this epidemic will end and that there are lots of 'helping' people who are working to protect us.


Kids Helpline: Children can call, email or webchat

Social Story for Young Children

Answering Kids Questions: article from the age & illustrated by children

Nathan Wallis (Neuro-Science educator) tips for parents/carers when talking about covid19 Video Facebook Page

Parent works: Managing Children's Behaviour

Head to Health: Brings together apps, online programs/forums and phone services.